We build Custom Search Apps for your Audience.
Google is king, but we have found a niche that is helping
Local Businesses in a big way.

Built and Managed for your convenience.

Levelling the Playing Field for Local Businesses

About Locallying Search

Locallying creates more earning opportunities for local businesses by utilizing custom search apps, built specifically for Towns. We make it easier for locals to engage and discover more about their town, just with a few clicks. It’s intuitively designed, elegant and people will be able to find the latest deals & reviews, all on 1 app.


Our pages are beautiful, simple and clean and are registered with Google. Our business listings show up on Google with Star Reviews. Businesses can also attach their web URL’s to our pages, to be used as a website.


– Beautiful design: for higher conversions
– Found on Google: results with reviews
– Built & Managed: we do it all, up in 24hrs
– Personalized: URL & Emails customized
– Promote: Offer Deals with No Fees
– Reviews: found on Google & Mitigated

Why Join the Consortium?

Locallying is changing the way local business is marketed with one simple motto: better search by circumventing the search giants. Providing custom search platforms to local towns, enables an even playing field for businesses. Our goals is to strengthen local business & participate with neighboring towns.

With the playing field leveled for businesses, locals will be able to discover more around town and keep tabs.


Connecting neighboring towns is beneficial for businesses and locals. More traffic and more to explore.


Community is important to us. We want to provide the latest town news and encourage business collaborations. 


We make it easy. We build and manage the whole process. We have an experienced team of web developers.


Free from the search giants, businesses finally have an even opportunity to earn. No longer have to conform to the Giants!


Consolidating services is a strength for both business and user – 1 platform to search, get deals and read reviews.


Levelling the playing field for local businesses.

Delivering Sky High ROI’s, will you be Next?


“The Professor”: Ross specializes in Web Development +10 years and a programming Wiz. He is our tech-guru. He also teaches college students how to code.

Ross H. Capaccio
Web Developer 300MEDIA | Chief Tech Officer

“The Growth Hacker”: oversees day2day operations & user acquisition strategies. Expert in Web Development, Digital Marketing & experienced tech start-ups.

Jey Tekara
Digital Marketing 300MEDIA | User Aquistion

“Abstract Poetic”: Scott makes sure everything looks great! From Graphics, Videos to Design. Aesthetics is an important element to development.

Scott Hilburn
Media Director 300MEDIA | Product Design



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Beautiful, Intuitive, Custom Search for your Audience.


If you have any questions, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.

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